Rankings and Titles

National Championships

LFF Heavyweight Champion: Sami Callihan
Previously: Shady Jeff
LFF Underworld Champion: The Italian Bombada
Previously: Shane Strickland
LFF Tag Team Champions: Steven Hines and Gary Schneider
Previously: Vacant

Regional Championships



Heavyweight Champion: Randy Jenkins – El Scorpio


Michigan Wrestling Alliance

Michigan Wrestling Alliance Champion: Cory Pitney
MWA Tag Team Champions: Sean Loeb & Chris Pate


Sin City Wrestling – Las Vegas

Sin City Wrestling Champion: Mark Perre

New York

L.F.F. Long Island

Fire & Dice Heavyweight Champion: Big Match Pete
Fire & Dice Underworld Champion: John Polverino
F & D Tag Team Champions: John Polverino & “Big Match” Pete Robinson


Buckeye Championship Wrestling – Columbus

BCW World Champion: Matt Nelan
All Ohio Tag Team Champions: Bobby Ohio & Jamaal Lewis

Rustbelt Wrestling – Cleveland

Rustbelt World Heavyweight Champion: James Booker
All Ohio Tag Team Champions: Bobby Ohio & Jamaal Lewis


Wizard’s Championship Card Wrestling – Norman

WCCW World Champion: Amazing Red (Christopher Matthew)
WCCW Tag Team Champions: Johnny Warehouse – Johnny Supershow (David Rodriguez) & Warehouse (Nicholas Brewer)
WCCW Mid South Champion: Gia De La Muerte (Tyler Kelsey)


AU Holmes – Holmes

AU Holmes Underworld Champion: Amy Deans

City of Champions Wrestling – Pittsburgh

CCW World Champion: “The Big Guy” Gary Schneider


Leo City Wrestling

Leo City Wrestling Champion: Riggs Simmons