Organized Play

Welcome to Powerbomb Organized play for the SRG Universe. We wish to honor #playitforward for the SRG Universe and the LFF by creating a system by players, for players while keeping inside the theme of professional wrestling.

2 Player Rules


Made Official: January 6, 2019

Special Guest Referee.

An additional Competitor is selected as the Special Guest Referee, the Special Guest Referee’s Gimmick is in effect for all Competitors in the match.

Blanking a players Gimmick will not blank the Referee’s Gimmick.

Accompanied to Ringside.

If the GM allows a player or player to be Accompanied to Ringside, that player may choose an additional Competitor different from there own, the chosen Competitors Gimmick is ADDED to your Competitors Gimmick.

The GM must specify if the Competitor that accompanies you to ringside must be a single, tag team, or trio Competitor