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    I don’t currently have all of these cards, however this was the first idea for a deck that I came up with to use with Prince Pretty. Let me know what you guys think.

    1 – Flying Super Snap Face Punch
    2 – Grapple For Position
    3 – Clutch Onto Opponent
    4 – Kick
    5 – Hip Toss
    6 – Armbar
    7 – Forearm Shot
    8 – Scoop Slam
    9 – Face Stretch
    10 – Knee Lift
    11 – Japanese Arm Drag
    12 – Arm Stomp
    13 – Running Lariat
    14 – Rib Breaker
    15 – Front Face Lock
    16 – Discus Lariat
    17 – Slingshot Suplex
    18 – Hanging Headlock
    19 – Lou Thez Press Punches
    20 – Flipping Face Buster
    21 – Leg Lock
    22 – Running Face Kick
    23 – Flying Face Buster
    24 – Inverted Face Lock
    25 – Elbow To The Face
    26 – Back Drop
    27 – Blatant Chokehold
    28 – The Beauty Shot
    29 – Unprettier
    30 – The Ugly Truth



    Nice! And first!


    Sean Taft

    A few questionable choices I want to ask about.

    Firstly, why Ugly Truth over Cross Face?
    Secondly, why Flipping Face Buster?
    Finally, why Thez Press Punches?


    To be completely honest, I kind of forgot about Cross Face since I don’t own any of the finishers yet that aren’t attached to a wrestler already.

    I like the stat gains on The Ugly Truth, and the gimmick is pretty decent, however I do see where Cross Face could be used more efficiently right now because of a lot of people lacking cards with “Face” in the name. I know some of those promos that have “Face” in the name are going for about $20 on the site.

    Flipping Face Buster is mostly being used to proc the gimmick for The Prince of Fashion, however when trying to think up this deck, I tried to include quite a few cards that could possibly help win turn rolls to make up for the fact that it’s lacking a bit on the stop card front.

    When it comes to the Thez Press Punches, I feel it’s strong to be able to clear off an entire type of card from the board, and considering you also get the +3 for the next turn roll, it should hopefully get you a win in the next turn roll. Obviously I could have went for Elbow Strikes or Dive Through The Ropes as well, but for this mock up, I went with the Thez Punches.

    I am still somewhat new to the game, so if there’s a better theory for a deck involving this character, I’m more than willing to hear it! 🙂

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