The “Core” Deck

Some of us don’t own multiple copies of some of our favorite cards, but we want to play multiple competitors. How do we do this?

I give you, a “Core” deck. Its just a standard set of cards that I always play, and when I switch competitors, I just swap out the cards.

My Core Deck, My Competitors, and the Cards I swap with them.

So I use the same color sleeves for all of my competitors, which allows me to swap pretty quickly.

When I swap out, I take the core cards, place them into the deckbox for the competitor, and swap in my competitors cards. When I switch competitors again, I just replace the cards I removed in those slots and then swap in my new competitor.

Viola! The deck is now customized for my competitor! Below is a link to what I use for my core. Obviously changes can be pretty drastic depending on competitor.

When I run Flip Smiley I swap all of my stops for Draw Stops. But this extends your resources, and allows you to enjoy all of the competitors in your collection without having to rte-invest in cards you already own.

GG2019 – Official Powerbomb Thread

As Tuesday winds down, tomorrow the Powerbomb Team will start to converge on Cincinnati. This will be our official live thread of happenings at the Grand Gathering.

Some topics we will be talking to the community about at GG are:
Organized Play
Content Contributors
Creative Input(Art, Music, Etc.)

If you want to be involved in any aspect of SRG, and need a platform to do it, email with your ideas.

Competitor Rankings and Meta

Today were launching our newest feature, the deck meta. Were in the process of using the draft data for GG, and rating competitors much in the same method of MOBA games and other CCGs. Starting with Special Tier (S-Tier) and going down by grade.

Click Here to see the page.

Clicking on the competitor will take you to a list of all decks built on Powerbomb Online for the selected competitor.

Please remember: Our ratings are an opinion, and based on multiple critera including placing in events. Don’t take it personal. We will be periodically reviewing our ratings after major releases to adjust for new competitors changing the meta.

After the release of the kickstarter, there will be 43 new competitors coming into play. Were anticipating this shaking up the meta, as The Salty Sailor is anticipated to be an S-Tier Competitor.

Grand Gathering Uncivil Faction Wars – First Thoughts

The first ever Uncivil Faction Wars draft has just concluded. Here are the thoughts at the top of my mind.

  1. There are some sharks in the water. After looking at the initial team makeups, in no particular order: Bum Rush, New Wool Order, Undisputed Underground, XCW and #innercircle look tough.
  2. The trade by Danny Thunder to pick up El Super Hombre may have been the best move of the draft.
  3. Alien Invader at 53 was a bargain. Should have gone sooner.
  4. Numer01 I would have rated higher in the draft order, but still made the first round cut.
  5. After Anarchy’s Son’s performance at the Michigan CAC, I’m really suprised he wasnt drafted higher.
  6. David Starr drafted at 43. He would have gone higher with his win in Cleveland IF his record wasnt 3-3. The diversity rule really affected how the community feels about the competitor after 3 EC3s were bumped out of the top.
  7. Riggs Simmons made it? Whaaaa….
  8. Man from IT at 38. Suprised this did not go in round 2 with how much competitve play he has been seeing lately.

There is more to come as we analyze the picks and the teams further. This was the first real ranking of competitors by the community. If the kickstarter had been released, this would have been a completely differnt meta as The Salty Sailor is currently the talk of town.

Thats it for tonight! The draft was a blast, and I will see you all in Cincy!

-Bob the Ogre

Powerbomb 2.0

We have made some improvements to say the least..

Card Library

This has been a monumentus task that I clearly did not understand when I thought of cataloging this collection.

Among the upgrades, we added a special field to each card for the Card Number and Card Type. Before, we wesearching the actual text of the card which ran into some site speed issues.We have even started the process of adding errta and rulings to card profiles.Check out the new card libarary here.

Card Search

Before we were using a generic plugin to customize the search. It would pull in all kinds of stuff across the site. Now, we have a truly custom search for card text only.

Deckbuilder 2.0, now with less beta!

The deckbuilder used to search the card text and match it into the card numbers, etc. But now that we have fields for that, I redid the whole back end in about 4 hours. Build and share here!

The Future: OneFall Tournament System

Now I will start to finish out the tournament system. This is an entire eco system for the SRG Universe so we had to start at the “beginning of life”, the cards, and then track the cards through the entire life cycle of the game. So Cards->Decks->Events->Event Registration->Brackets and Pairings->Top Cut->Winner-> Season->Titles.

Thats where were going. The future is so bright…

Lets Talk About Diversity

First of all: Congrats to Sean Loeb. You destroyed in the finals with ending it quickly with David Starr. You earned that win in the top 16.

The rule: In a top cut, there can only be one of each competitor. If multiple players with the same competitor have strength of schedule(SOS) to qualify for the cut, the player with the best SOS qualifies and the other player is cut. Top cut then continues with the next best SOS. This process continues until all competitors in the top cut are unique.

We just watched a Final in Cleveland where Southern Belle went undefeated and lost to a 3-3 David Starr piloted by Sean Loeb. Sean only qualified for top cut due to the diversity rule.

The spirit of this rule is twofold: A) It creates a realistic wrestling experience in the top cut as we wouldnt see multiple John Cenas at Wrestlemania. And B) This battles the issues of a single deck build dominating the meta landscape.

The Good: It is effective at battling the meta domination of a single deck. In Magic, you can have the same 2 decks battling it out in every final.

The Bad: You have players that played really well that qualified for top cut, only to be bumped out by Diversity.

The Ugly: You can have someone who played middle of the road the entire day get put into the top cut and can win the entire thing.

I come down on the side of the arguement for diversity for 2 reasons. First, It is very effective at combating meta and net-decking. We would see multiple EC3s and Immortal Warriors in most tournament top cuts with out it. Secondly, it makes the overall flavor of this game and its competitve enviorment feel like it is an “Any Given Sunday” event for any player in the event. Keeping the flavor of the game from the core of the cards, all the way to the top of the competitve scene.

Someone could run down the ramp out of the back and pin the crowd favorite for the win.

Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 21. Photo copyright

What do you think about diversity? Leave us a comment.