Behind The Mask: Collin Simon

Behind The Mask will be a weekly interview with a member of the SuperShow community where they will talk about a character or characters that they have made for the game. Hopefully you will not only enjoy the possible stories told about the creative process, but also gain a bit more motivation to add your own character to the game sometime down the road. Without further ado, let’s get onto the interview…

I’d first like to thank you Collin for joining me today to talk about the creation of Zombie, one of the newest additions to the L.F.F. Please tell me, how did you come up with the character?

Collin: Zombie was the culmination of about 20 years of character I created in 1998. He started as a concept when I was in middle school and has evolved in video games, online games, tabletop games, and I even used to the character in real life when I spent a year in professional wrestling school around 2004.

Is there anything special that we should know about the character that may not be shown by the card art, or within the finishers that the character has?

Collin: The character started as a gothic horror character and was very serious and impervious to pain. Then he evolved into an ultra violent hardcore wrestler and ultimately he became a comedy Deadpool like character. I tried to capture all of it in the character card and moves. Hence the submission catching the humorous side.

Is there any certain reason why you chose the stats that you did for your character? Were you looking to play certain cards, were you simply staying true to who you felt the character was?

Collin: The stats I chose are a culmination of ideas. The 5 in submission is because he never really used submissions. The grapple being a 10 was because I like the card DDT and the rest just kinda plugged in. To my knowledge he has a one of a kind stat line as of now in SuperShow.

How did you come up with the names for your finishing moves? Also, what was your thought process when you were choosing what actual move would be used in the card art?

Collin: So the names of the finishes. The Gravedigger (Impaler DDT) was the first love he ever had. It was inspired by Gangrel and Raven. Raven being my favorite wrestler ever I wanted to pay homage to his finisher of a DDT with my own spin. The goofy submission came from a wrestling role playing game that required me to make a submission, so I just randomly made it up. The strike (Dead End) was a signature move I needed for the video games, and I always liked the Code Breaker.

What was the process like working with the SRG Boss on the creation of your character? Was there a lot of back and forth, did you feel you had a lot of creative freedom? Did anything get nixed that you wanted for your character, whether it was a name for a finish, the text for a finish or your gimmick?

Collin: The process working with Steve was very smooth. The gimmick actually had an “and bury a card in your opponent’s discard pile” clause at the end, that turned to an “or” and finally dropped. You can see some of that in the grapple finish. When I submitted the moves I didn’t give text and left it to Steve to balance them out. I think he did a tremendous job and anyone who plays my character will see those finishes sting. Overall I think we had about 5-6 different exchanges via text on the creation process. It was very smooth and he did a good job explaining any changes.

With you purchasing your character through the Kickstarter, do you feel that it was a worthwhile investment?

Collin: I feel the investment was worth it. If you break down the price per hours of entertainment I’ll get out of it, plus I got all that Kickstarter stuff on top of it.

If you had advice for someone who was about to create a character, or someone who happens to be thinking of creating a character, what would it be?

Collin: The only advice I have is be willing to accept change and try to be original, but not too complex. Also try not to get in the mentality that your character will be better than the other ones. The goal is to be on par, not game breaking.

Do you have any future plans on making more characters for the game, and if so, would you like to hint at any ideas that you currently have?

Collin: As far as the future goes, I’m not buying anymore characters. If I happen to win a CaC event then I will make my wife’s character Cherie Von Danish the baker. If somehow I make more, I have a short list of other friends I’d like to see like Girthquake or Bobby-O. I’ll be playing for a long time, so you never know.

And there you have it, thank you for joining me, and look forward to the next edition at the same time next week. Ciao!

SRG Competitors: By The Numbers!

This article may not be for everyone, but for fellow players like myself who enjoy number crunching and analysis, this should be right up your alley. When it comes to the various competitors that make up the L.F.F., everyone knows that each competitor has skills that range from five to ten, but when you break down the numbers, you’re able to see that there are certain skills that have a lot more tens than others. Below we’ll spotlight a few interesting findings that was found while compiling the data of all known competitors currently available in The Supershow. If anything was missed, keep in mind when this article was typed up. Also it is possible that a character or two could have been missed if Bob or myself don’t know about them. Anyway, let’s move onto the data at hand.

As of now, there are more 10’s in Strike, than there is in any other skill. On the other end of the spectrum, there are only 8 competitors with a Strike of 5.

With a total of 165 total singles competitors used for this data, not counting flip cards twice unless there was a stat change on them, above is the number of competitors that fall within each skill and number. Obviously, there aren’t too many Tag Team or Trios in the game currently, but we have those accounted for as well in their own little table. Hopefully we get more Tag Teams and Trios sooner rather than later though!

Anyway, as you look through the data provided, you can see right away that more characters have 10’s in Power, Agility and Strike than the other three skills, with Strike coming in as the winner currently at 35 competitors. If you look at the other side of the coin, there are currently only 19 competitors that have their Technique skill as 10. So keep that kind of thing in mind when it comes to creating characters in the future. If you skip over to what skill has the most 5’s, Power and Technique reign supreme on that, which means that competitors are either very strong or very weak when it comes to their power, there’s not much in between. One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the fact that there are only 8 competitors right now that have a Strike skill of 5. I guess it makes some sense if you look at the fact that 44 competitors have a 9 in Strike, making the total between 10’s and 9’s 79. That’s almost half of the competitors, which in turn makes a card like “Running Lariat” hard to use on a lot of the competitors in the L.F.F. If you use that same mindset however, a card like “Single Leg Crab” used by a competitor that has a 10 in Technique has a high chance of working.

Analytics isn’t something that everyone needs to use, but it could be a valuable tool when it comes to not only selecting a character you’d like to play, but also what cards you decide to put into your deck. I’ll continue to release more information about various character gimmicks, and other data that can be used to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed in this game that we all love. If anyone has any questions, or would like to chime in with their opinion, feel free to do so as a reply to this post. I’ll also post the same table that was posted above, but with percentages instead, if you’d rather see it in that way. I’ll see you all at The Grand Gathering very soon!

The same data as above, but in percentage form.

HCW Promos Now Available!

Three new promo cards have been released!

As spoiled over this past week, there are three brand new cards that are entering the game. At the Horsemen Championship Wrestling event today, these three new promo cards will be given out to everyone who enters the big Create-A-Competitor tournament. If you’re not able to make it up to Michigan today for the event, the cards are also available for purchase online at the link listed below. Good look luck to everyone in the tournament, and expect to see a whole lot of “Apocalypse” getting play in the very near future!

#4 – Apocalypse | #14 – The Seven Seals | #24 – Destiny’s Call

Online Purchase:

2 New Cards Spoiled For The Al13n Invader vs Red Pill Boxed Set.

A new artist has joined the team of SRG Universe named Arnav Panda, and these are two of the first new cards that Arnav has made the art for. Both of these cards, along with the Strike version will be available in the Al13n Invader vs Red Pill boxed set.

Source: SRG Universe Facebook Page